Whole30 Coaching

Hey everyone,

2019 brought on some really fantastic things, one of which was becoming a certified Whole30 Coach. My passion is helping people recognize the power they currently have and breaking the chains that the diet industry has held on to us for so long. I came to Whole30 broken and exhausted from being told that I needed to weight a certain number or be a certain size. I also came in with chronic pain. My first Whole30 was shortly after the birth of my son in 2014.

I’ve done them all, the counting the points and calories, the eating for a certain amount of time, the juicing, the fasting, the restrictive calories, the shakes, and the pills, even the shots which is something I’m sad to say. All to say I know what you’re going through. What if I told you that all you need to do is get back in touch with who you are and stop putting ownership to the scale?

What you get from me is:

Honest coaching – I was just as scared as you are. I was just as confused as you are.

Food Lists (Whole30, AIP, and I’m a former vegetarian/vegan so while it’s not Whole30 I can help you along if you’re still wanting to keep on with that lifestyle)

Weekly Zoom Calls

Daily Check Ins

SOS calls if you’re struggling (because it will happen)

If you’re interested, let’s go!