Hola amigos!

I’m so glad you’re here and you’ve found (stumbled/rolled) across my space in the internet. Don’t be alarmed, don’t go translate.google.com the Spanglish you will see peppered into the site and posts.

I’m Melanie – a mom, business owner, Tejana (Texan), and I like to cook food (a lot). In October 2017, after being sick for nearly two years, I was diagnosed with a severe gluten sensitivity thus turning my world upside down and making me re-evaluate my love for tacos. Don’t get it twisted, I love tacos. A lot. So all of the recipes you will find on here are gluten-free, many are Paleo & Whole30 Compliant.

So I mentioned I’m a business owner –


The best run is a taco run

I own a software company with my hubs and we juggle this along with coaching kids soccer & tball/softball/baseball. Did I mention I’m also a volunteer with the Junior League of San Antonio? No? Oh… that too. But wait, there’s more – I also own a monthly subscription service, The Whole Box. Basically, I’m that kid that raised their hand incessantly in school never to be called on because I was hella annoying. I’m self aware to know that about myself. I hope you’re ready to jump right in becau

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