This is where I put something very cliche about myself that I’m amazing and I’ve accomplished X, Y, & Z. And I have done those, I’m not going to discount any of that or that fly photo up above. I’m legitimately a hot mess but I keep it cool and calm (kind of) due to an amazing team.

Let’s turn this to a FAQ

1. What do you do?

I mean that’s kind of personal don’t you think? Kidding – I am quite simply a business owner and am a hotmess mom. I own a software/hardware company with my husband. I handle day to day operations of the company. We have great quality products for our customers ranging from small mom & pop businesses to large corporations. You can check us out at SwipeTrack Solutions, LLC . We also are part of Golden Bingo Family, the nation’s largest bingo hall operating company. Together we have an incredible staff that bring smiles to people’s faces from our customers to our charities that we play for. We in-house publish a monthly magazine where yours truly serves as editor. Most importantly, I’m a m-o-m-m-y and wife. These two go hand in hand. I have the most amazing partner who doesn’t tell me no, but pushes me to go higher than I ever dreamed possible.

2.  How do you do it?

Unicorns, caffeine, and more unicorns. My unicorns = my staff/friends/family. They’re some of the most amazing and best talent I’ve ever had in my life. I hire people smarter than me. Simple as that. That’s how I do it. I hang around people that make me want to be a better contributor to society. Plain as pie.

3. How can I reach you?

If you’re on any social media, I promise I’m there. I’m somewhat of a social media junkie.

4. Why tacos?

Why not? They’re delicious, they’re portable, they’re there. They’re tacos.

See you around and I hope you enjoy reading my quibs on the internet.