Day 3(ish) – snakes, King David, to the 3 Kings (and some other visceral things)

I took a few days (a week) off because life y’all – it’s real and gritty but I’m back with a plan of action to get my Bible time in before my first meal.

Ah Day 3 and the tale of the 3 banishments that rocked our world

Before we go in here’s what I read

Genesis 3
Psalm 3
Matthew 2

For those that aren’t biblical scholars and are normal people (like me) – in chronological order – Eden, complaining of enemies that God will come to the rescue, and the Magi meaning the Holy Family has peaced out and these dudes (astrologers maybe?). These all tie in with one another though because we have Eve with the punishment of hard labor to Mary delivering our King.

So let’s go to the Garden of Eden y’all and Genesis 3. For you flat earthers around maybe stop reading (not quite sure how you found me anyways). This is always a fun one because I picture a velociraptor popping up in the garden tempting Eve with picking the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. I always have a bit of an issue – was it really an apple? Basically that’s it. But no, this seriously odd dinosaur that talks continues to pester her with the same focus that my 7 year old does when asking for something. So we know – she eats the fruit and boom we are supposed to hate snakes forever also they get their feet removed so no more dinosaurs (is this the Biblical version of how dinosaurs started to go extinct because this is kind of interesting that it was from an apple), women also now have HORRIBLE childbirths , and man – well men you better work because God just won’t let you skate by anymore. There’s a lot of depth I’m missing here but it’s 9:30 pm.

Oh, and he banishes us from Eden and basically says that we will always be searching for truth rather than trusting him who is the truth. This is some deep stuff because I have major trust issues (Enneagram 6 y’all).

Psalm 3

Whoever wrote this (one of the psalmists) really just wants to quiet his hatters up. he asks for an end of their talking “For you strike the cheekbone of all my foes; you break the teeth of the wicked.” I mean – that’s pretty hardcore. I usually just wish they get pimple or something. the way I like to summarize this one though is that we can sleep well knowing that God will take care of our problems that we present to him, we must present them first though.

Matthew 2

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph in exile. The magi showed up to Jerusalem asking where the newborn king of the Jews were because they saw his star (Oh Jesus the Capricorn – JK y’all don’t kill me). Herod got real annoyed that someone (3 someones) traveled afar to do a new King homage and freaked out about where the Messiah had been born. These kings back then had a real issue with someone else having the spotlight. When the magi took off they went with a message from Herod but they knew better. They found the Holy Family, gave their crazy presents of frankincense, myrrh, and gold, and ended up going another route that the ancient Waze told them to go.

After they took back off, sweet Joseph was told in a dream to take Jesus and his mother to Egypt. Herod was coming and they needed to lave right away where they stayed in Egypt until Herod died. Before he did so though, Herod realized he got played by the magi and killed all the baby boys in Bethlehem 2 and under because he was not a stable man. I get really moved by reading

“Rachel weeping for her children,
and she would not be consoled,
since they were no more.

my heart y’all.

When Herod died, an angel came again to Herod and told him to go back to Israel where they ended up going to Nazareth and fulfilled a prophecy that Jesus would be called a Nazorean.


Alright – that’s all I got for today. See y’all tomorrow.



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