Guess Who’s Back… Back Again…

Whole30. And myself. Hey there friends. It’s been a wild 7-8 months. I really cannot remember the last time I updated this beautiful blog but mothers man, mothers we deal with it ALL.

Long story short – I’m no longer a vegan. I had been dealing with some really gnarly gut issues and that insane amount of gluten that was hitting my gut even though I was trying to get away from the mass amounts of gluten (via pasta, bread, etc.), I inadvertently became a carb-oholic. I just couldn’t break free from the hold and I was firm in my belief that I needed these things in my life because I was not eating anything but vegetables, fruits, and legumes. In essence, the things I was told were healthy. This post is by no means a diss on the vegan lifestyle. If you’re here thinking that I’m the anti-vegite, you’re mistaken. You have to find out what works for you. I’m a scientist by trade (definitely not profession) and wanted to work on the best experiment, myself. 

Here’s I guess how it all started. Summer 2017 I was fed up with being diagnosed with my 7th sinus infection in 6 months. I suffered through three half marathons with them and I knew enough was enough. Around this time I was also told that I had low thyroid and vitamin D by my OB/GYN during my annual. Rather than be put on thyroid medication I opted for a second opinion – where I was roped in to take a food sensitivity test (rather than the elimination diet that was also offered).

The Day The Results Came In

With bright red under severe sensitivities (4+ on a scale of 1-4) – gluten, yeast. Is this for real? I thought gluten sensitivities were made up in the world of CrossFit and a giant marketing game from the Beef industry. But there, in red and white, was proof. Could this have been my smoking gun in my gut why I was sick for nearly a year? I was explained that my thyroid was functioning normally but my adrenals were shot. I was training for my first marathon which would have been ample reason why I was so drained. 

I left the office with the paperwork and the orders to stop consuming gluten. Yeah right. I want another opinion. What would a naturopath (and O.D.) know? Off I went to my allergist who again confirmed my tests only with a bit more severity and that I should really consult a gastroenterologist to get me a better diagnosis if I had celiac. Those tests came back inconclusive. It may be too early to diagnose celiac but if I do notice that it is giving me problems, I should probably stay away from it. I had my ticket to eat cornbread! Except it completely backfired and I ended up incredibly sick during Thanksgiving.

Okay, I’ll give you up

I knew it was time. I knew it was time to say goodbye and I had completed a few rounds of Whole30 before. I knew what I was getting myself into. I’d like to say I went slow and steady when I incorporated animal protein but I didn’t I went head on. I found the hardest thing for me to let go of was the sugar dragon. Yes, the stevia. 

Well, that was back in May 2018 and we are now here in August 2018 and I’m on my 5th Whole30 Round right now – about 16 days in. I am on my way to Food Freedom and I’d love to say this is my final Round but I don’t believe it is. I’ll probably do a post on the lingo soon but for now, I’ll enjoy my chamomile tea as it’s almost 10:30 pm and I have an early morning.

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