The Final Count Down… (guitar solo)

In two weeks, all the work will be done, the four months of training will be over, and I will (hopefully) have a few new pieces of hardware to add to my hook of races I’ve completed. I get told a lot, “I don’t know how you run,” “You’re crazy to be training for a marathon,” and other pleasantries. The thing is, it hasn’t been so easy. These last few weeks have been the most trying professionally, personally, and mentally.

I sat on my Facebook page looking at photos of me thanks to the “On This Day” feature and I have to do a double take. The girl staring back at me is emotionally completely different and, yes, physically I have morphed. This has never been about weight loss though. In fact, I’ve gained a few pounds since the journey began but that’s a complete different thing. It’s always been about completing something that I set out to do.

A year ago, I jokingly sent a text to my husband’s best friend Justin saying, “Hey look! Marathon sign up!” He was quick to respond back with a screen shot of a receipt that he in fact signed up. We are both those people who don’t need a lot of convincing to agree to an event. We also are the last people you would have expected to be runners. In December 2016, I walked in to the San Antonio Rock ‘n Roll Expo and felt the tinge of nerves around the registration for 2017 kiosk. My future was set. December 3, 2017 I had a playdate set with Justin and we were going to do this.


We’ve had little milestones along the way, we ran Dallas Rock ‘n Roll together. We have become plant based together, saying Justin is a vegan is definitely something his wife and I never believed would happen (he used to joke that he never ate anything green). We bought Garmins simultaneously. We have exchanged race times and have been hyper competitive in long runs (dude is at 10 minute miles while I’m trucking along at 13).

December 3rd, we will run/walk/crawl across a finish line both of us have worked so hard for and are so thankful for the friends who have cheered us on this last year. I am full of gratitude to have Justin and his amazing wife be part of this journey.

This is all to say, don’t ever doubt yourself. Embrace the failures, there are always failures. Celebrate them. Winning all the time would get boring and failure is where growth happens. Failure is where you learn the true test of self. Failure is where the heart is. I’ll get a bit Jesusy on you – He knows we fail every day. He loves us more and more. This is why The Beatitudes embrace those who struggle – there’s room for growth. And to quote Missy Elliot, “Just make sure you’re ahead of the game.”


For now, I have a 15 mile race tomorrow! Last long run before the Marathon.

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