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For as long as I could remember, I’ve been a terribly messy person; messy hair, messy clothes, messy rooms. I made it my mission when approaching the amazing, rock star age of 32 that enough was enough. I needed to adult now. I do have little beings that watch me daily. So here I am, at a crossroads when I picked up The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing by Marie Kondo, or “KonMari” for those in the know.


It’s been a long journey for me to finish this book. I set out in May to read it and I trudged through it. Began with a bang then life happened (aka sick kids) and I kept forgetting this precious pocket sized lovable book at home or in random spots, more to that later on in this post.


So here’s the book in a nutshell: whatever doesn’t truly bring you joy, that unmistakable joy that sparks that wide-tooth smile, BE GONE!


She recommends getting rid of items in one go – all at once, don’t look back. However, there is a method to this, hence the KonMari Method.


For starters, don’t go room to room; instead, go category by category. Your personal clothing, children’s clothing, dog’s clothing, spouse’s clothing (this will be harder for them to be on board unless you have a spouse that is down with KonMari). Legitimately get every single article of clothing in one room. I chose to go with my clothes first.


Before all this go with a plan – visualize. You can’t go into battle without a plan, you are in battle with the clutter y’all. The clutter has taken over. How do you picture your space? If you are trying hard and can’t figure it out – head on over to Houzz or Pinterest. Those designers are begging for you to love on their clutter free space. Need more inspiration? Just watch some Fixer Upper and that Joanna knows how to show beautiful masterpieces of clutter free home. Now you need the why? Why are you wanting to go clutter free? Ask yourself this 3-5 times. Mine is because I’m tired of looking all over the place for items that I’ve lost. I’m that person that loses everything, just everything. Emails, gone. Mail/bills, yup that’s lost too.


At first thought we wouldn’t have much to banish since we renovated our closet not too long ago and I had already gone through this process. Oh no, I was wrong. Six giant trash bags to Goodwill (because I’m a Junior Leaguer) later I was left with items that truly brought me joy. How does one go about finding joy? Determine what “sparks joy.” Hold every piece of clothing in your hands, do you get the love? Do you give the love? If the answer is no, BYE! Thank it though. Out loud, thank the piece of clothing for its service to you.


The Method – the order. Everything comes with order, life comes with order. She has a specific way to order everything. Like the order in the scene from Titanic (Women and children first, then the men, and so on); there’s order to your tidiness: clothes, books, papers, and then miscellany.

Discard before you even think about putting anything away. Out with the old, in with the stuff that stays.


In the effort to not go full KonMari crazy with you – I’ve decided to put it as two separate posts about this insanely useful method because she truly does deserve two separate posts.

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