iOS 10 From a Real Person


In case you missed it, your iOS device is about to get way more interactive; as announced this past Monday at WWDC2016 (hashtag that y’all) Apple announced the brand new iOS 10. I’m a bit of an Apple junky. It started way back in 5th grade playing Oregon Trail while in the computer lab at school. I fell in love with the sleek look of the Macintosh that was uniform in our public school.


Twenty years later, I purchased my first Apple Device of my own – the iPhone 3. Since then I’ve never looked back. So if you’re not an Apple person, this blog post may not be for you. Or if you just think I’m funny, then keep reading.


Along with being possibly the friendliest REALTOR who’s obsessed with data that you’ll come across, I’m also the President and co-Owner of SwipeTrack Solutions, LLC ( We began as a primarily iOS device company and have now become this amazing company that also houses real estate and tech, my two loves.


I’ve had the hilarious privilege to be a developer tester to preview the new iOS 10, Beta folks you’ll get it in July, everyone else – FALL 2016 be prepared for some great stuff!


Wakey Wakey


Your lockscreen is now completely  redesigned. No longer will you have the pesky slide to unlock. Nope, now you’ve graduated with just simply “Press Home to Open.” Boom. You can also now wake your iPhone fixing the situation of going past lockscreen notifications if you hit the TouchID home button too quickly. Say WHAT?!


Notification Bubbles


Notifications are no longer just blended in with the rest of the screen. Oh no, you now get these beautiful bubbles that stick around even if you answer your phone to take a call (as I just did). Say you have a text message as your notification, you can now easily respond to that text message before having to open up your lockscreen and going through that process of opening Messages. App notifications now can open up in your lockscreen as well. My favorite is that I have a smart home and I can open up my Smart Things hub or Ring app for my doorbell and immediately respond to whoever or whatever is going on.


Hey Siri


Hey girl, I see you can now open up other apps. What a great concept! You can now open third party apps with Siri. She’s so nice. What an amazing feature for when I need to open up Amazon Prime Now and order some much needed laundry detergent.


I really wish I had the time and space to go over EVERY single new feature iOS 10 has but these are some of the best ones she has to offer. I can’t wait for you to see the rest.


One final thing: be prepared to be amazed with Apple Maps!

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