See ya later cute exercise skirt and random never used items (Chapter 2)

That emoji up there, that’s what I felt as I read the first subtitle of Chapter 2 which summed up as:

You are angry with your family because you can’t learn to get rid of those heels you’ll never squeeze your feet in.


Ok KonMari, I see you and where you’re coming at. Yes, I may have thrown a crazy Mommy Dearest tirade every now and then. Yes I’ve gone a little berserk because it seems like I have a never ending pile of mail that I’ll never get to or as I currently sit at my beautiful office in San Antonio, TX I have a file currently on the floor next to a bottle of water that hasn’t been touched in 3 months and a coffee cup that I can’t remember the last time I filled that sucker up. No big deal, right? Well, not if you’re trying to achieve Nirvana of some existential sort, even for 5 minutes. I.Am.A.Hoarder. There. I said it. You can even hashtag that statement. #IAmAHoarder of… of everything. Of makeup that I’ll never use, of clothes I bought because I was pressured into buying it at the magical age of 31. Of mail that I need to throw away from a year ago.


You get it, I need help or why else would I have picked up the book? Something else she points out to those of us desperate in need.


Before you decide to go gung-ho and go room by room she stops you, dead in your tracks. Absolutely not! There’s a method or it wouldn’t be HER KonMari Method. Don’t go room by room, go category by category. She backs it up even further. What’s your why? Really dig down deep, WHY do you want this uncluttered life? WHY do you want to have this?


So what’s your why? Mine is so I can get a step closer to being a more diligent member of society without wondering where my book is or my coffee cup went for the millionth time.

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